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BRI Care Consultation


screenshots of the care consultation information system:

The Care Consultation Information System (CCIS) allows Care Consultants to individually assess and record information within each domain, or problem area, for both Care Receivers (persons with chronic health conditions) and their family or friend caregivers.

CAPTION: Action steps help Care Consultants and families identify simple and practical solutions to problems identified by families. The Action Checklist in the CCIS summarizes each identified Action Step, who is responsible for completion, anticipated completion dates, and barriers to completion.

CAPTION: Care Consultants can generate several detailed reports utilizing the CCIS to help them manage and review their caseloads. These include: To Do, Activity, Summary, Fidelity, and Case Level reports.

CAPTION: There are over 400 educational resources housed in the CCIS. Care Consultants can search for a resource by Title, Organization, or Keyword. Families receive educational resources from Care Consultants to help them learn more about a particular topic, or for guidance on how to address an identified problem.


*BRI Care Consultation (and design) is a service mark of the Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging.