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Benjamin Rose Unveils New Apartments for Seniors

The Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging unveiled 36 newly renovated one-bedroom apartments for low-income seniors at Margaret Wagner House in May 2012. Click here for video of the ribbon cutting.

The Margaret Wagner Apartments, as 2375 Euclid Heights Blvd in Cleveland Heights, first opened in 2003 in BRIA's former nursing home. The original 24 apartments occupy the fourth and fifth floors of the building and are a mix of one-bedroom and studio apartments.

The Margaret Wagner Apartments are supported by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Section 202

Fast Facts

  • apt apt Ribbon Cutting! BRIA Property Subsidiary Board Chairperson Pat Frutig with residents Mary Little and Lydia Jenkins.
  • apt apt President/CEO Rich Browdie and Chairperson of the Board Muffy Kaesberg welcome the crowd to the open house.
  • apt apt Open house attendees.
  • apt apt Resident Mary Little opened her home to be toured.
  • apt apt Resident Lydia Jenkins shared her home and homemade pound cake with open house guests.
  • apt apt Margaret Wagner Apartments are located at 2375 Euclid Heights Boulevard in Cleveland Heights.