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BRI Care Consultation ™ is now offered in 10 states from coast to coast

Contact: Jeanne Hoban, 216.373.1686,

July 20, 2017

(Cleveland, OH) BRI Care Consultation is an evidence-based care-coaching program, developed as part of a series of research studies. Over the past five years, Benjamin Rose has licensed 29 sites in 10 states across the country and trained over 150 Care Consultants and Supervisors to deliver the program within their organizations, including statewide expansions.

BRI Care Consultation is designed to help professionals deliver cost-effective assistance and support to individuals with chronic conditions and their caregivers by telephone and email. The core components of the program include: 1) assessment, 2) action planning, and 3) ongoing maintenance and support.

"Families are appreciative of the care, support, information and guidance they receive from BRI Care Consultation," notes trained Care Consultant Monica Gilbert of the Atlanta Regional Commission. "Many consider their Care Consultant a trusted friend and someone with whom they can confidently discuss their concerns. The delivery of the program via telephone and email is a definite bonus."

BRI Care Consultation is based on 10 research studies, comprised of four randomized controlled trials and six translation studies. Through nearly two decades of research, BRI Care Consultation has been proven to provide the ongoing coaching and support needed for people with chronic conditions and their family caregivers. The program helps families by increasing awareness and use of community resources, providing health and care-related information, and strengthening the family care network.

Outcomes of these studies include: improved satisfaction with care, reduced unmet needs, less stress, and fewer costly emergency room visits and hospital re-admissions.

Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging provides licensing, training, technical assistance, and maintenance of the web-based Care Consultation Information System (CCIS) that guides the evidence-based components of the Program, to organizations offering BRI Care Consultation. Alternatively, organizations can contract with Benjamin Rose to deliver the program to their clients for them.

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July 24, 2017, 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM, West Hall (CC)

Findings from a Real-World Translation Study of Evidence-Based "Partners in Dementia Care"

David Bass, Branka Primetica, Keith Kearney, Kate McCarthy, Julie Rentsch, Mark Kunik, Jennifer Miller and Tom Hornick

This translation study of the partnership version of BRI Care Consultation, "Partners in Dementia Care (PDC)," tested feasibility and outcomes, when delivered via partnerships among Stokes VA Medical Center, Greater East Ohio Alzheimer's Association Chapter, and Western Reserve Area Agency on Aging.


July 25, 2017, 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM, Salon 3 (M)

Decreasing Unmet Needs for Caregiver Respite and BRI Care Consultation

Miriam S. Rose, David M. Bass, Branka Primetica, Keith Kearney, Julie H. Rentsch, Mark Kunik, Jennifer Miller and Tom Hornick

Among 148 family caregivers of veterans with dementia, unmet respite need was found to decline significantly after 12 months of participation in the partnership version of BRI Care Consultation, particularly in situations where veterans were more impaired.


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