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Talking to People with Memory Loss

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Caring for someone with memory loss can be very demanding. These tips may help you improve your communication with your friend or relative and make your time together more enjoyable for both of you.

People with Alzheimer's disease and other memory disorders often have trouble communicating and understanding what other people are saying to them. As the disorder progresses, the person's ability to communicate gets worse.

As a family member or friend, it's important to learn how to speak and listen to an older adult whose memory is failing. Everyday conversations help the person with Alzheimer's stay involved in daily life. They can also let you know if he or she feels hungry, ill, sad, confused or upset.

Be as patient and pleasant as possible when talking to your loved one. Caring for someone with a memory disorder can be highly stressful. If you find yourself getting angry with the person with dementia, leave the room and take a break until you calm down. Anger can be very upsetting to
people with memory disorders.


Many older adults suffer from hearing loss as well as memory loss. If your relative does not hear well: