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Are you living with health problems?

SHAREHealth problems such as stroke, arthritis, kidney disease, and many others can cause us to need help to do many of the things we are used to doing on our own. Usually, our closest family member or friend does most of the helping. This can leave you and your loved one feeling stressed out and worried about the future. The Support, Health, Activities, Resources, and Education (SHARE) program can help you and the person who helps you most, together.

The Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging has received funding from The Retirement Research Foundation to develop and test a new program designed to provide information and resources to older adults living with chronic conditions.

About our support sessions
Take part in 6 in-person or telephone sessions with a SHARE Counselor or health coach. You will learn about how:

Past research studies of share have show:

How to get involved
Eligible participants must be diagnosed with a chronic condition not involving memory loss, live in the community (i.e., not in long-term care), and have a primary family member or friend who helps with care. SHARE is currently recruiting participants in Cleveland, OH, San Francisco, CA, San Diego, CA, Chicago, IL, and Fairlawn, NJ.

To determine if you are eligible, contact:

Sarah Nicolay at 216.373.1738 or

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