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Best Programs for Caregivers Website Serves Professionals and Family Caregivers

Best Programs for Caregivers is a free online, searchable database of evidence-based dementia support programs for family caregivers, providing detailed information for both professionals and the public to learn about the availability of these proven-effective programs.  

Since its launch in 2020, the website designed for professionals has been an invaluable tool for healthcare, community-based organizations and funders to identify, share and implement high quality programs for caregivers. 

Best Programs for Caregivers is unique in that all programs on the website are evidence-based, meaning they have been proven effective in research studies, and also because of the level of detailed information provided about each program. These details will help you understand: 

  • the focus of each program
  • program outcomes (e.g., reducing stress, understanding dementia, planning care, skill-building, health & wellness, etc.)
  • research findings
  • direct utilization experiences of delivery sites
  • program developer information.

With nearly 50 programs and a side-by-side comparison feature, organizations have all the information they need to make informed programming decisions. 

New in 2024: Best Programs for Caregivers has been expanded with a new, complementary public-facing website, enabling family and friend caregivers to discover, learn about and enroll in the proven support programs that are available to them in their own community. 

The new public version of this website for the first time allows family caregivers to enter their zip code to discover proven programs that are available from organizations near them, or that are virtually available online or by telephone.  

Detailed information on the site includes the program description, the mode of delivery, any fees associated with the program and how they can enroll. Also included is information about whether the program has been adapted to meet the needs of diverse populations.  

Best Programs for Caregivers was developed by Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging in collaboration with Family Caregiver Alliance and The Gerontological Society of America.