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Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging Receives Grant from The Arthur N. Rupe Foundation to Deliver BRI Care Consultation in California

By Jeanne Hoban   |   |   01/01/2019

Four hundred fifty (450) individuals with chronic conditions and their caregivers will benefit from an evidence-program developed by Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging, thanks to a recently awarded grant from The Arthur N. Rupe Foundation.

The two-year grant will fund a project to recruit, license and train three organizations in northern California to deliver BRI Care Consultation™ to older adults living with chronic conditions and their family and friend caregivers. 

Developed by researchers at Benjamin Rose, BRI Care Consultation™ is a recognized evidence-based program which provides support to individuals with chronic conditions and their caregivers by telephone or email.

The BRI Care Consultation™ team in the Center for Research and Education at Benjamin Rose will:

  • Recruit three organizations currently serving older adults in northern California based on their readiness to deliver BRI Care Consultation™. Indicators of readiness include administrative buy-in, consistency with mission, marketing and recruitment capacity.
  • Provide training, technical support, software and fidelity monitoring for two years.
  • Establish a “Learning Collaborative” to guide effective implementation and drive best practices for using evidence-based program components.


BRI Care Consultation™ will be delivered to at least 450 caregivers and care receivers across the three organizations, thereby giving northern California caregiving families ongoing access to this proven caregiver resource. Ultimately, these organizations will be well-positioned to sustain delivery beyond the project period. Moreover, these organizations will become cornerstones for responding to the needs of family caregivers in their communities.


About Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging: Founded in 1908, Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging ( is a nationally recognized Cleveland-based nonprofit whose mission is to advance support for older adults and caregivers. This work is accomplished by deepening the understanding of their evolving needs in a changing society; promoting effective public policies; and developing and delivering innovative, high-quality solutions, such as SHARE for Dementia, a care-planning program, and BRI Care Consultation™, a care coaching program, which are tested and proven by research to achieve beneficial outcomes for consumers.