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Older Americans Act programs work together to keep older adults healthy, independent and engaged within their communities. 

Understanding the Impact of the Older Americans Act

May marks a significant celebration for the nation's older adults—Older Americans Month. This yearly observance, established in 1963, is more than just a month-long recognition; it's a celebration of the invaluable contributions and wisdom of older Americans, as well as a commitment to improving their quality of life through important services. 

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By Julie Hayes | 05/15/2024

Best Programs for Caregiving Demo

Watch a demo of free online database that offers family and friend caregivers detailed information about proven dementia care programs.



Best Programs for Caregiving is an information-filled, easy-to-use, free website from Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging and Family Caregiver Alliance that for the first time puts details about useful programs and services directly into the hands of the family caregivers who need them most.

Finding the Dementia Support Programs You Need

Caring for someone living with dementia is challenging on so many levels. For most of us, there are aspects to providing care that require skills, training and education we feel we just don’t have. There are aspects to disease education and managing behaviors that are difficult to know. And there is also the stress and strain of providing care -- which for many of us is something we do on top of working and having a family of our own. 

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By Michelle Palmer | 05/08/2024

An older couple researching mobility aids on their smart device.

Practical Tips for Aging in Place with Mobility Aids

Aging in place with the support of mobility aids requires a holistic approach that encompasses understanding the challenges, selecting the right aids, making essential home modifications, creating a age-friendly living space, and utilizing caregiver assistance along with financial and community resources. By implementing these practical tips, older adults can maintain their independence and quality of life in the comfort of their own homes.

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Storm Clouds or Calm Seas? The Outlook of Aging Policies for 2024

Join Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging as Bob Blancato, President of Matz, Blancato, and Associates and the National Coordinator of the Elder Justice Coalition leads a discussion on what we can anticipate from federal aging policies in 2024. Topics include the renewal of the Older Americans Act, health care reform and how aging policies will impact our respective states and communities.


By Bob Blancato, Orion Bell | 03/01/2024